Come and worship with us

We Worship according to the ancient liturgical forms of the church which have been handed down and continually enhanced by gifted writers and musicians. Therefore the liturgy is both at the same time historical and contemporary, joining us with all the faithful who have gone before us and paving the way for those who follow. The liturgy is drawn from the living Word of God and seasoned by the needs and concerns of our day.  The service is vibrant and authentic, drawing our attention at all times out of ourselves and into the presence of God. The message is always about God's love for us all in Christ Jesus empowering us to go into all the world bearing this good news to the world around us.

We Baptize children, youth and adults with water and the Word in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In Holy Baptism, God joins us in the life of Christ and conveys his gift of forgiveness and eternal life.
In the Holy Communion, the Lutheran Church teaches that Christ is present with us in, under, and with the Bread and Wine. We invite all baptized Christians who share this faith to come and receive this Holy Sacrament.
Our Mission is to grow in faith, serve those in need and draw all people to Christ.  We live, hope, and pray that you will be drawn to join us in living out the joy of being the people of God for our day to the glory of his name.



Flower Chart: Please do not forget to sign up early on the flower chart calendar. We have many spaces available. The price is $30 for one arrangement and $60 for two. You may take them with you after Sunday service or donate them to the sick and shut ins.  Someone will make arrangements to deliver the flowers to one of our parishioners and help brighten their day!!

Memorial Candles:   May be sponsored in memory of a loved one, friend, occasion, or to request a week of prayers for someone in need. Each of the two votive candles may be sponsored for only $10 per week.