CLC Preschool
2016 Summer Program

Ages 1 - 13


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 When I Grow Up...

What child doesn't love to pretend to be the grown-up teacher, doctor, firefighter, police officer, or an astronaut? Some may like to make pretty pictures when they are little and they grow up to be an illustrator, a painter, or a photographer. While others love to play and build with blocks and they become an architect, a carpenter, or a construction worker.

Whatever choice may be, when you are starting out in life, deciding what you want to be when you grow up is just as ordinary as deciding whether to have  an apple, a banana, or juice. The good thing is that you have the freedom to change your mind a couple of days later, and dream of another career choice.

Is based on this concept, that we planned this year summer camp activities. There is an assortment of work-related activities and events to give our little ones on-the-job "training" about their prospective career choices.

The children will engage in hardworking activities that offer big payoffs by helping them increase their knowledge on the different jobs performed by adults. And the priceless benefit they  will get is how proud of themselves they will be for the work they do!

Highlights of our 2015 Summer Program